Why do we do it?

Some people have asked us why we do such a project listing all the officers ofthe SS and Waffen-SS? Some people have said that it already exist a Führerlist etc.

The reason why we do it is rather simple. The previous Führerlisten has a lot to wish for. The original one who was put together by a retired colonel for the behalf of the National Archive in the USA made a good effort, but we really don´t understand why he chosed to list some units but not others. The date he also put to the unit, could mean anything. He could mean when the officer came or left the unit, it could mean that he got an promotion etc. But really it´s a mess. The second Führerlist was put togehter for a amateur researcher in the USA. He chosed to copy the Führerlist by the Colonel, but added some info such as birthtowns and deathdates, solely gathered from the magazin “Der Freiwillige”. He didn´t ad anything more to the list.

In our list you will find most known info about the officer, we have used the SS Officers files from the SS-Personalhauptamt, SS-RuSHA files (marriage requests) from the SS-Rasse und Siedliungshauptamt. Plus that we are going through docs from various Archives all to make a so complte Führerliste as possible. We also try to get a photo of each induvidual. In Volume A we managed to find 873 photos of a little more than 1300 officers. The quality is sometimes very bad, as we said to a friend – ” We hate when an Allg.-SS officer in black uniform took a photo of himself with a dark background”

Below you will find some examples from the privious Führeliste and one from us, all to make it clear about the difference. And with this we hope to have answered all the questions why we have started this project.

Example 1 from one of the old Führerliste

Example 2 from our work so far. Not that we we still can find new info about him. This is from Volume H1 and far from ready.

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