To make those list as accurate as possible we always seach photo and info. The men below is men that we haven´t managed to find a photo of, so now is the only way to find a photo of them through you, either that you are a relative or that you have a photo of them in a photo album where they are mentioned. If if the photo in you opinion is bad it doesn´t matter even a photo that are bad is better then nothing.

Don´t heistate to contact us if you thinki you have a photo of an officer that we might need. We are also searching photos for all others letter, B, C, D, E, F, G etc. in return we can send you all the info we have on the officer,

Name – Birthdate – Eventually Nationality
Hermann Abel 28.6.1923
Jakob Abendroth 14.5.1893
Karl Abendroth 30.12.1909
Rudolf Aberle 23.2.1902
Kaare Abraham 4.1.1920 (Dänemark)
Heinrich Abresch 27.9.1915
Franz Abt Dr. 4.10.1911
Wolf Günter Abt Dr 13.7.1917
Raffaele Accurso 23.2.1909
Helmut Achnelt 7.11.1913
Hans Acker 30.12.1913
Dietrich Ackermann 21.12.1923
Friedrich Ackermann 8.5.1925
Peter Ackermann 22.9.1895
Alfred Adam 14.1.1891
Erwin Adam 31.10.1920
Hubert Adam 27.2.1900
Oskar Adamik 9.9.1898
Bekir Adamowitsch 10.2.1912
Anton Adams 20.3.1926
Alois Adelmayer 1.5.1910
Erwin Adis 25.4.1908
Hubert Adler 3.10.1920
Werner Adolph 18.9.1903
Rudi Adomeit 25.3.1923
Friedrich Adoy 11.5.1911
Hermann Adrian 22.7.1905
Rudolf Adrian 6.7.1924
Gerhard Aegerter ??
Dr Aaetzmann ??
Chadshimurat Afaunow 10.5.1912
Martin Ahl 15.10.1904
Joachim Ahrend 15.5.1892
Waldemar Ahrendt 9.4.1908
Alfred Ahrens 3.4.1912
Hermann Ahrens 1.10.1925
Günther Aigner 8.5.1924
Dr Pawels Aispurs 1.4.1916 (Latvijan)
Miervaldis Aiviekste 2.12.1917 (Latvijan)
Ewald Akemann ??
Bob Reinier Akkermann 12.9.1921
Paul Akkermann 25.8.1920
Endré Albeck Dr 17.8.1917
Paul Alber 12.4.1898
Heinz Albermann 9.11.1912
Wilhelm Albers 14.9.1911
Fritz Albrecht 8.3.1923
Gerhard Albrecht 12.4.1925
Hans Albrecht 14.4.1907
Heino Albrecht 9.3.1921
Josef Albrecht 29.11.1902
Karl Albrecht 8.11.1897
Kurt Albrecht 30.1.1892
Richard Albrecht 4.12.1925
Rudolf Albrecht 21.7.1904
Werner Albrecht 25.6.1909
Wilhelm von Alemann 17.7.1920
Konstantin Alexander 20.7.1907
Emil Alf 14.1.1914
Houterman Allaart 8.9.1916
Heinrich Allendorf Dr 21.1.1910
Wilhelm Allers 31.5.1886
Johann Allgeuer 12.7.1898
Friedrich Allgöwer 23.7.1902
Wolfgang Allhoff 25.9.1924

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