Why do we do it?

Some people have asked us why we do such a project listing all the officers ofthe SS and Waffen-SS? Some people have said that it already exist a Führerlist etc. The reason why we do it is rather simple. The previous Führerlisten has a lot to wish for. The original one who was put together … Read more

Where to buy?

Since today is our book avaible on all Amazons platforms. We are very proud that it finally have been published. We are now working very hard on next volume (Baab to Blaschk) For those who want to know where and when an SS-Officers served, this book is a must! It will be a tremendeus help … Read more

Führerliste der Allgemeine-SS und Waffen-SS

We have taken on a huge project. Our intention is to publish an accurate as possible Führerliste der Allgemeine-SS und Waffen-SS. During the spring of 2024 will the first volume, which will cover all officers on Letter A, to be published. Band 1: Buchstabe A will cover approcimately 1373 officers, which 64% is covered with … Read more