Band 1: Buchstabe A

Here is our first list. It is only about officers with a family name beginning with A. Of the 1373 officers we managed to identify, approximately 64% have a picture attached to their name.

What you find when you look up a name, is his name, date of birth, where he was born and in many cases when he died. You will find where he served and in what years he was there. We also list the SS and NSDAP Numbers as well as the awards he was awarded, both political and military. We also list if he was married and how many children he had.
In some cases, about 30, we have written a more detailed biography of the officer, we have tried to avoid knight’s cross bearers, as these are well documented in many other books, this also applies to German cross in gold bearers. If there are exceptions, Aigner and Augsberger, but the others are ordinary officers who would otherwise have disappeared into history. We have tried mixed, when we have written more detailed stories, it could be an Untersturmführer, or an officer from Estonia or Norway. It could be an officer who served only in the Allgemiene-SS, a concentration camp or a unit within the Waffen-SS.

As far as we know this is the only time anyone has attempted to make a list as detailed as we have, although there is a list that a retired Colonel made for the National Archives on behalf of the United States, but it only scratches the surface, our list covers every known service, we have tried cross-checking the data with other lists than just his SS officer’s file. It can be lists where they list everyone who received the Iron Cross of either first or second class, we go through lists where the fallen are listed. etc.

Of course, we are guaranteed to have missed an officer, should you find something wrong or want to add something, do not hesitate to contact us. We are constantly looking for contact with other relatives, researchers, etc. for our project. We work tirelessly forward and work on all lists simultaneously.

The officers you meet in our list come from all social classes, they come from all corners of Europe, plus a few more countries. In order to compile this list, we have worked continuously for 5 years, we have met many other researchers in the area, relatives, countless letters to various archives and a large collection of information. In total, our archive today consists of 17 terabytes of digital documents, which is growing daily, 1000’s of documents in paper form, 100’s of books relating to the SS and Waffen-SS.

The list will forever be an invaluable help for all students, researchers or just for those who are interested in SS as a whole.