Führerliste der Allgemeine-SS und Waffen-SS

We have taken on a huge project. Our intention is to publish an accurate as possible Führerliste der Allgemeine-SS und Waffen-SS. During the spring of 2024 will the first volume, which will cover all officers on Letter A, to be published.

Band 1: Buchstabe A will cover approcimately 1373 officers, which 64% is covered with a photo. We have written down as much info as possible on each officer, rank, promotions, units, and when he served there. Party as well as SS number, and awards. Some officer have a more detailed biography. Band 1 has about 30 more detailed biographies.

The work to complete the first volume has taken years, one reason is that Covid hitted the world and delayed our work with around 3 years.

But never the less, we really hope you will enjoy this book, and for a person who really want to see the men who was behind the infamous SS this is the book you need! We list officers from all branches of the SS – Allgemeine-SS, Sicherheitsdienst (SD), Concentraiton camp personell, Waffen-SS, including all the foreign volonteers.

Read more and see some of the content here – Band 1:Buchstabe A